THE Golf Improvement Podcast – Beating The Yips!

206 – Beating The Yips! – Erik van Wensen Interview

5:13 pm, Thu, 23 February 23

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Beating The Yips!
Neurologist Erik van Wensen Has A MISSION

Welcome to Episode 206 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on professional club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  CHANGING GOLFER’S LIVES – ONE GOLFER AT A TIME!

Show Notes:

Interview with Neurologist Erik van Wensen, creator of the Sports Dystonia Center and Foundation in Holland.

    • Erik shares what led him to a career as a neurologist, and why he started to study the yips 5 years ago.

    • He discusses the creation of the Sports Dystonia Center in Holland.

    • Erik talk about his general view of what the yips are and how they are created.

    • He shares the overall goals of the Yips Study that he published in 2019, and the most important results that he learned from that study.

    • Erik and I talk about how, in at least some cases, putting and chipping yips can be the result of having a poor concept for creating a golf stroke – and also how sometimes the golf club itself can be a contributor (putter too heavy, or a putter grip that is too large).

    • Based on what he knows now, Erik talks about some of the potential characteristics of cures for the yips.

    • Finally, Erik shares some of the things that excite him the most about continuing to do his research in causes and cures for the yips.


Useful Web Links:

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